Sunday, May 16, 2010

sewn cards

I love to make cards.
I love to sew.
Why not combine both loves,
into one cute, easy project,
with high impact!The first time I did these type
of cards was with our MOPS group.
I was in charge of crafts and we made
these cards for Mother's Day.
I love the Make and Takes website
and this is a good example of why!

So, I was thinking of making a set of
"all occasion" sewn cards to put in my etsy shop.
Always trying to find things I can sell,
to make a little money for the family...
what do you think?
Good idea?
Skip it?
What occasions would you want in a
"set" of cards?


Jamie Mueller said...

i love sewing cards! Have you made them with sewing fabric to them and playing with different stitches on your machine? Those are great for scraps and are pretty addicting!

becca said...

i love that idea and i totally think you could sell them. that is super cute!

katherinemarie said...

absolutely CUTE-as-can-be!

Kim@Simply Domestic said...

very cute! Check out my blog...I gave you an award.