Wednesday, May 12, 2010

naomi funnies

Two quick funny Naomi stories for you.

Naomi doesn't like loud noise.
Even noises that aren't very loud receive a comment from her.
Last week in church the organ was a little louder than normal.
Dr. E started playing the pre-service music and Naomi said,
"That's too loud"
Then he finished his song and right on cue she says,
now, she didn't scream it, but you know what its like
when there's loud music then its super quiet....
I don't think everyone in church heard her but the people
around us did and they found it quite funny (so did I).

On Monday we did lots of running around,
took the van to Midas for an oil change,
they then told us we needed $800 worth of work.
So we took the van to our more trusted mechanic,
he said, it looked fine but we might want to get new tires.
So we took it to the tire two new tires.
So, with all this running around we wore the kids out...
(there was a naptime in there somewhere)
and we decided to take them to CiCi's for dinner.
They ate their food and everything and once when I got up
to get Naomi another piece of pizza apparently she said,
with her elbow on the table and her hand on her head,
"she wears me out"
I of course didn't hear this but Greg tells me it was pretty funny.
I really don't say that too her much at all.
It's just crazy the things they pick up!


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I can totally see Xavier saying something like the "she wears me out" someday....too funny!

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