Monday, May 03, 2010

the changing room

Remember when I told you about
Well, I hope you took a minute to check it out,
and if you didn't then go ahead and do so now.
Mother's Day is coming up and it's always
a great time to remember all that our mothers
have gone through for us.
Now that I am pregnant with my third child,
I'm getting a small glimpse of what my own
mother must have been going through when
she was pregnant with me (her third child).
I just became aware of this book called,
Cristina Carlino wrote this book and she is
the one behind the "she colors my day" campaign.
What an amazing woman!!
She's helping so many mothers!!
This book is an interactive journal,
that YOU write for your daughter.
We all know about mommy brain
and this is a great way to capture
those memories before they're gone.
Cristina is having a contest where 5 lucky
women will win one of her books.
Cristina's Wish and Photo Contest: Wishes for my little girl
is on her facebook page, just enter a photo
then have your friends vote on your photo
and you could win your very own copy.
I'll let you know once I enter so you can
help me win a copy of this incredible book.
I know I'd love a book like this from my mom
and since I have her memory (or lack there of)
I know this will be very special for my little Naomi!
They're just memories in our head,
unless we write them down
and share them with those we love!!
What a special gift!
Go buy a copy of this book today and start
capturing memories!!!!

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