Tuesday, April 06, 2010

train cake

I like to make fun birthday cakes...
especially when they are for my kids.
I debated what to make for Micah's bday.
Then decided on a train cake,
since I've already done Mickey Mouse and a baseball.

I looked at a few ideas from Family Fun and Betty Crocker
and then just came up with my own.
Here's how I did it...

I baked the cake in two loaf pansThen cut off the tops with a serated knifeThen cut one of the loafs into four equal parts
(the train cars)Then cut the long sides off the other loaf cake.
This was going to be the engine.
Then I cut a little rectangle out of the engine car
and placed it on top with some frosting.
(you can see it in the back of this photo,
I forgot to take photos of that step)
Then I mixed my frosting with four different gel food colorsThen I frosted each car a different color
and used two colors on the engine
(otherwise I would have had to open another container of frosting)Then I piped some frosting in the center of 20 oreos
so I could add some M&M's for the wheels.I added the wheels onto each car and the engine,
then added some licorice
and some "cargo" M&M's and some
crushed oreo coal.It's not perfect, but Micah loved it and knew exactly
what it was supposed to be.So there you have it.
My train cake!
Would love to see what you would do to make it better!!
The Trendy Treehouse


Anonymous said...

That's just super duper cute! I feel like baking one, though my daughter is not in love with trains (sigh)

TOSHeidi said...

That turned out quite cute - great job!

Holly said...

Might have to try that one for either Andrew or Noah's birthday. Might have to make it early and freeze it or something since Kiley will be here right between their two birthdays.

jimandafleming said...

How cute, you're so talented! I wish I had an eighth of your creativity!

Jill from Women Who Do It All said...

Glad you became a follower too :) Cute cake! I think I'll feature this sometime tomorrow so look for it and grab the featured button! THanks for sharing!

Judy said...

Cute cake! I made a train cake for my one year old's birthday recently that turned out really similar.
Yay for little one's birthdays. Sadly, my three year old refused to call it a train, convinced it was meant to be something else :)