Tuesday, April 20, 2010

micah's 2 year photo shoot

I've been wanting to take Micah out for a couple of weeks
and do his two-year-old photo shoot...
but it just never seemed to work out.
Until, yesterday morning.

We put him back in his crib on Sunday night.
I never blogged about it, but we moved him
to a big boy bed the Thursday after Easter...
and a week and a half later we realized
that he needs more time in his crib.
He's not climbing out of his crib at all,
so we knew that it would be okay to put him back in there.
It was just wearing us out having to put him back in bed
500 times, and disciplining him,
and so on and so forth,
so we decided to wait till the end of July.
Then we'll try again.
I hope we're not messing him up too much.
The life of a parent is never easy.

Anyway, back to the photo shoot.
Micah slept till 9:30am yesterday,
(guess he was making up for all the lost
sleep he had while sharing a room with our early riser)
so I had to get him ready fast because
I needed to do his photo shoot before
his 11am doctors appointment.

So we're driving away from home and it's 10:30!!
I knew I really didn't have much time at all,
so we stopped at our neighborhoods golf course
and did a quick 10 minute photo shoot.
But seriously, I'm pretty sure it was one of the best
10 minute photo shoots I'll ever have.
Micah listened very well to my instruction.
He didn't put up any fights,
he even looked at the camera a few times.
He never ran away or sat down in protest.
Seriously, I've never gotten this many good photos in 10 minutes!

Here are just a few of my favorites!
You can see a bunch more here
and one collage here!The guys who were working at the course must have
thought he was pretty cute,
they kept waving at him,
telling him to smile....
it was pretty cute.
They must have thought we're a big golfing family
given the sweater vest and plaid shorts!
Everything went great at the doctors too.
He weighs 30lbs and is 36 1/4 inches tall!
They say that's 75% for weight and 90% for height.
The dr. told me that he's pretty tall,
which I think is funny because if you know
Greg and I in real life we're not "tall" people!

He did get one shot,
cried a bit and then just
kept putting his hand on his leg and saying
oww! oww!

What a great, handsome little man!
I love this kid!!!


Rachel Hill said...

We tried the big boy bed too...and went back to the crib!

Love Micah's pictures! I seem to have better luck with my own kids in having very short photoshoots too! I'm going to send you an email soon about our photoshoots...

Tara said...

So adorable Jamie. I love the one with his hands in his pocket. Just love that sweet smile!

Holly said...

Micah's pictures are so adorable! Funny little Noah is still way smaller than Micah even though he's almost a year older. You'll have to bring Micah's vest and plaid shorts along on the trip so maybe we can get a few matching pictures of Noah and Micah.