Tuesday, April 13, 2010

laundry room clean up!

Greg has been working on cleaning and organizing the garage.
He's been building shelves and putting things away,
It looks so good in there and we have even MORE
room to park the cars now!
(which comes in handy with the expanding belly)

So he emptied a bookshelf that has been in there and told me
that I could use it in the laundry room to store the kids craft materials
and other items that were messily in place.

So, yesterday while I had the house to myself for the better
part of the day I took advantage and TOTALLY
cleaned and organized the laundry room.
I like the bookshelves so much better,
because now I can actually get to all the supplies,
and easily see what we have and what we don't.

No this did not take me the whole day,
I took little computer breaks,
I also went to Thrift Town
(got some 2 more skirts for dresses for N
and a super cute sheet to make some dresses
to hopefully try and sell in my shop)
and I also went to the post office
(which I try to never do with kids)

Anyway, here are the BEFORE and AFTER photos!AHHHH!!!
Much better,
just wish the rest of the house looked
that clean and organized!
One project at a time I guess.
This one really wiped me out!

Next on the list,
moving Micah's clothes to his new dresser and
the kids toys....
I swear the toys have babies overnight,
anyone else experience this?


Anonymous said...

That looks GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

It does look really good! Ive been on a big rampage with re-doing rooms and organizing! Maybe theres something in the air!

Angie Fischer said...

We totally know what you mean about the toys multiplying :) We never buy the girls toys yet it seems like Toys R Us has exploded in our house. We really have to put a stop to Grandma and Grandpa :)