Wednesday, April 07, 2010

kids in bluebonnets

So, here are the photos of the kids in the bluebonnets.
It's a good thing that I'm able to get other kids
to cooperate when I'm photographing them.
If I had to use these photos to promote my business,
I'm pretty sure I'd never get another request to photograph anyone!

Some days the kids are very photogenic and others...
well, just look at these photos and
you can decide what kind of mood they were in.The girl who doesn't look and pirahna boy.
Thanks Joy and Jay for letting us know about the bluebonnets...
they're beautiful and we had a great time!


Lanie said...

Those are wonderful bluebonnet pics! The Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival is this weekend and only about 1 hour from our house. I will be taking the girls. I am so excited! :)

katherinemarie said...

I soooo miss those bonnets!!!!! I think it's great to have lots of candid kid-being-kid photographs... those will mean the most to us when we are old folks. :):):)