Thursday, April 15, 2010

happy tax day

Hope you're all done with the taxes.
Some of you probably already have your return spent.
Can I tell you how extremely DUMB I am.
Seriously people, you're not gonna believe this!
I took the big envelope to the post office yesterday,
to drop in the box,
to make sure it was post-marked on time.
That's not the dumb part.

I was telling Greg about this once he got home from Austin,
he said, "how many stamps did you have to put on it"
I forgot to put stamps on the stupid envelope.
Where is my mind!!!???
Seriously, who is that dumb?
It did look a little empty in that corner,
but it NEVER occurred to me to put a stamp on it.
Just assumed the government would pay for it! ha!

Anyway, I'm saying a prayer that we'll get it back today,
so I can take it to the post office,
with stamps on it
and get it mailed in.
Because it's been done since Monday morning.
UGH! SO dumb!
I hate mommy brain!!

I need THS right now!
Just painted this for my cousin!
Hope she loves it!

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Mandy said...

That is very pretty!! you did a great job!!

Now following you from Friday Follow!! :o)

Please visit me at

Have a great weekend!! :o)