Monday, April 12, 2010

hair clip and randomness

Quick post today,
I made this little hair clip for Naomi
(to match her new dress)
before church yesterday...
the kids were up earlier than normal,
(more on that later)
so I had more time!

So, I grabbed a quick photo
(or five)
of her right before bed,
thus the bad bathroom lighting photos.She put her foot up and said,
"mom take my picture like this"
so I obliged.
Grabbed a few of the little man
and his little black eye,
and I mean little,
but it still makes him look tough!
Again, blurry but that's the bathroom for ya!
Totally looking forward to today.
Dropping the kids off at my sweet friend Connie's house.
Her husband is Greg's mentor,
and she's such an amazing woman.
Her daughter and granddaughter are in town from CA.
They have offered to have my kids come over and play
She told me to drop them off around 10am
and then come back and have dinner with them.
Greg will be in Austin for a few days for a
pastors conference so the timing is PERFECT.
Y'all know how much I LOVE my kids,
but having a few hours alone in my house,
is just what I need right now!

What will I do?
Organize? Purge toys?
move Micah's clothes to his new bedroom?
Sew? Blog? Paint?
Only time will tell!
Hope you have a relaxing day too.


Holly said...

So how did Micah get a black eye? Andrew had one when he was about Micah's age. Tough little men!!

katherinemarie said...

ohhhhh what an ULTRA special day for mama! It's so wonderful to have time to relax and de-stree! I hope you are able to enjoy whatever tickles your fancy!!!!!! I had a bookstore (that's where I like to relax and read) day yesterday and it was heavenly. and YES, I adore the matching hair clippies. :):) ENJOY your DAY!!!