Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am a procrastinator.
There I said it.
Not just any procrastinator.
But the worst.
Well, sometimes I think
that I don't procrastinate,
I just don't remember.
Maybe if I actually wrote out
my to-do list...
rather than keeping in safely
tucked inside my head.
Then maybe I would get things done.I just found this very cute photo
of Greg and Naomi from
June of 2007.
And I'm so embarrassed to tell
you why I found this photo.
But let's just say it has to do
with procrastination and
And you, one person out there
who knows what this photo is from.
This is my public apology!

I am SOOO sorry.
I am getting all worked up inside.
It makes me sick to think of
what I've done.
Please forgive me.
And enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I think I better start writing things down.
Because when I do,
and I can cross things off a list,
I know what needs to be done,
and it feels so good
to ACTUALLY get it done.


VKT said...


I am a procrastinator too. You are such a lovely child of God, whatever it was you procrastinated on, I am certain that the person understands. Your sweet spirit always shines through in your blog.

There is an award for you on my blog if you want it.

sara said...

Hmmm... Those beads look familiar. While I don't know what needs to be done, I think I might know where that photo was taken. Am I right? ;)

katherinemarie said...

I hate to tell you this--- but I'm a lister--- I write everything down AND I still wait until the last minute!! Thankfully our lovely friends and family still like us. :):):)

We 2 Bees said...

I found your blog from Trendy Treehouse! Very cute. I love the title and I love that verse!! I'm now a follower.

And sadly I'm also a procrastinator as well. I make lists too, but I still put off getting things done. Luckily God loves us anyway!

Denise said...

Following you from Trendy Treehouse's Friday Follow! Great Blog. Beautiful children. Great photos.

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