Monday, April 19, 2010

car cozy

We were invited to our friends sons 7th birthday party!
I was clueless as to what to get for a 7 year old boy.
Then I thought of something I could make.
A car cozy/carrier for him to put a few cars in
and play on as well.

I first saw the idea here and then
saw a couple variations here and here.

Since I am cheap thrifty,
I made this as thrifty as I could.
I bought one yard of the backing fabric (on sale)
and cut it into four pieces so I could make four of these.
Then I just bought a few fat quarters at JoAnn's
(which were also on sale)
and everything else I had on hand already.

So it was pretty easy to make,
but took a little longer than I thought it would
because I painted a few of the elements on
instead of using fabric.
I wanted to make sure it was completely
washable so that is why I did not use felt.

If you'd care for a tutorial
on how I put this together let me know.
I've got the photos just didn't have the time
to get it together for this mornings post.
I do have one that I made for Micah
that if anyone needs a little boy gift
and would like to buy it, let me know
and I'll put it in my shop for you!


Elisa said...

You should list one in Etsy just to see how it does. Are the numbers pockets for the little cars? Photo it with the cars - I think it's a great idea! :)

How'd it turn out with your stamp-less tax envelope? ;-)

katherinemarie said...

I think these would make SENSATIONAL gifts!!! What little boy wouldn't like to tote along his little matchbox cars? You always have the GREATEST projects! I'm glad to see your ultra creative juices are back in full force... I bet before baby comes you'll have made a MILLION things!!!