Saturday, April 17, 2010

beef in a basket

It's weird how different pregnancies can be.
I never really craved much with the first two,
just wanted to eat all the time.

With this one it's turning into one thing after another
and it's not like one thing is replacing another,
just adding onto it.
So currently I could eat at any moment,
a really good sandwich
(meat, cheese, mayo, mustard, peppers, tomatoes, you name it)
noodles, like ramen or the Simply Asian ones
and recently I've been craving
BBQ sauce.

How weird is that?
I try to make things that include BBQ sauce
just so I can eat some and add more for dipping!
So last night I made my friend Kate's Beef in a Basket recipe.
I've made this before and it's super easy and yummy!
I've got a little mini tutorial up today over at Trendy Treehouse
so feel free to go check it out!And do yourself a favor and make these soon!
They are SOOOO yummy!
I'm gonna go eat the leftover ones now!


Kate said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the recipe, Jamie! Looking at your delicious pictures makes me want to make some for lunch today. :-) God's blessings to you and you're growing little one!

Anna said...

Billy LOVES these, except I usually put spaghetti sauce in it instead of BBQ sauce. I will have to try it like that!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to whip these little babies up!! LOL! They look delicious!

Your newest follower from Friday Follow!

sara said...

Aaaahahahaha!!!! I made some last week--so funny... and delicious!