Friday, April 09, 2010

the 2nd easiest dress you'll ever make

So you may remember my claim to
"the easiest dress you'll ever make"

Well, while blog surfing I came across
another easy way to make a dress.
I saw this tutorial over at the
super cute, super awesome,
V and Co blog.

So when my mom was here and we were
trying to find something for Micah to wear for Easter,
we stopped at Goodwill and I saw this awesome skirt.
Too small for me, but perfect for a dress for Naomi!

So yesterday, after I washed the skirt
and while Naomi was supposed to be napping,
I started the skirt and finished it before the kids went to bed!
Love it when Greg is home and I can have a few
relaxing moments with my sewing machine!

So, you can check out the full tutorial...
or I can just give you the basics.
The skirt (this happened to be a size 12) before...Turned it inside out, tried it on Naomi
and pinned it where I needed to take it in
(a little from each side)...Cut off the extra fabric from the sides,
used it to make sleeves...
Naomi needed 10 inch sleeves so these are 11 inches,
allowing 1/2 to sew to the dress.I put the dress back on Naomi and
marked where the sleeves would need to go
(she was so afraid I was going to pin her)Then I just sewed the sleeves on,
and had myself the 2nd easiest dress I've ever made.She's such a poser,
I didn't tell her to do this...
must just take her photo A LOT!I have more fabric left over from the other side
of the skirt that I cut off,
plan to make some flowers or something for the dress,
and maybe something for her hair...
is it too crazy to be matchy matchy matchy?
Oh well, it's a fun cute dress, and my little girl loves it.
What more could I ask for?!!


Tracy said...

Hi! New follower here from FMF!

I LOVE this dress - I haven't been able to get to the thrift stores lately, but now I want to go!

Brianne said...

That is SO cute! I've wanted to learn how to sew for this very reason. :) I may have to get my mom to make me a couple for my little girls!

New follower from the Friday Follow at Trendy Treehouse! Please stop by for a visit!:D

Brandy said...


I'm following from FMF!!


sara said...

I love it!!! Great job!

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

Damn cute lady!! And very clever ;-) Happy FF- I am now following- hope you stop by my place soon!

Casey said...

Super cute Jamie! I will pass this idea on to my sister for my niece! Miss you!

Brianna! said...

LOVE the print!
Its adorable:)

Love the blog...found it on Trendy Tree House.


Peachy & Pip said...

This dress is fabulous! So is your blog! Found it on FMF!

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

I hopped over from the Trendy Treehouse and am so happy that I did! That little dress is delightful! What a great jb yo did! Hope to see you back at my place sometime soon when you get a moment. I have become a follower and hope that you will do the same. Happy Weekend!

V and Co. said...

oh fab!!!! ill make sure i keep this bookmarked so when i feature people who used my tutorials i'll make sure to link to your adorable dress!

Missy said...

That is so cute and it looks easy.

Oh how I wish I had my craft room finished.