Wednesday, March 03, 2010

the well-behaved child

The other day when I was at the Family Christian Store
purchasing a few books and a cd for Greg's birthday,
I happened upon this book, "The Well-Behaved Child"
I skimmed it quickly and decided it was worth the read.
I read the book in three days, which is somewhat of a record for me.

I really like what John has to say in this book
and the advice that he gives.
His discipline tactics resemble those used by our
grandparents and great-grandparents.
He talks about how in the 1960's we stopped listening to our elders
and started listening to psychologists and doctors more and more.

He gives some great and practical ideas for how to
deal with children ages 3-12.
He's got other books for the other ages.
I really like some of his ideas and have slowly
started implementing them with Naomi.
I know for it to really work I need to really
be consistent and communicate with her.

If you've read Dobson and Leman and
still need some other ideas, this is a great read!
I'm going to re-read it with a pen and highlighter the next time!


Mama Bird said...

LOVE John Roseman! I read and re-read Parenting By the Book. I will have to check this one out!!

Naomi said...

Maybe I should check this out. My youngest, Jackson, is 3 and most of the time he's a good kid but man, when he gets mad, he gets MAD. Like sobbing, puking, mad. He is so different from my oldest who was always sweet. Actually, now that I think about it my 8yo is getting more difficult too. His main prob is homework though. Why didn't someone tell me this partent thing was so hard!?

Anonymous said...

Totally for got to email you and let you know I got the Be Still print I won. Thank you! It's beautiful!

Carey said...

thanks for lil girl is 15 months and we are just really getting into discipline. It's tough, but I know how important it is! Will have to check these out!

katherinemarie said...

I will have to check this book out!!! I really really love anything by LOVE & LOGIC (Jim Fay). Thanks for the tip.