Tuesday, March 16, 2010

weigh in

no, I do not want you to tell me how much you weigh
nor do I want you to ask me that question.

But I am curious about something...
and would like you to weigh in with your opinion.

We've still got a good two months before we can even
think about gender day with this baby.

But I've been thinking...
I think that I want to wait to find out the gender of this baby.
I think I really want the big surprise.
How many surprises are there in life anyway?
We found out the gender of both of our kids before their birth days
and now I think I'm wanting to wait.

I thought it would be good to find out so that Naomi
could get used to calling the baby by name.
But our thing in the past has been to find out the gender
but keep the name a secret (Greg always slipped a few times)
and if we told her it wouldn't be a secret :)
This was fine and worked/works for us...
but I'm beginning to think that I just want to wait.

I'm not exactly where Greg sits on this...
we're still in discussion mode.
I'm not really looking for you to "change my mind"
or help me make a decision,
just wondering what you did,
or if you could do it all over, would you do it differently?

And because no post is a good post without a photo
enjoy my two sweeties the days they were born!!


Kel said...

I've always been a planner, so the idea of not being completely prepared for the baby scared me. But my sister in law loved the surprises and was with all 5 of hers!

jimandafleming said...

We found out Ian was going to be a boy. I DO NOT like surprises, it's something I can't control. The thought of waiting until the end to find out really overwhelmed me, and there's only so much gender neutral decoration I can take. There's my reasoning behind Ian's gender.

Sinful Southern Sweets said...

Aww look at those little bundles. Just makes you want to squeeze them!!
I could not wait on my 2. I think I liked the idea of waiting, but I just could not stand not knowing, when it was so easy to find out. But I think its perfectly fine to wait. I do agree the surprise would be really fun and add even more excitement to the birth day.

ishatrisha said...

i found out with both of mine. i just wanted to make some preparations before the big day got here.
i've had some friends who waited, but its still just as exciting when you find out early!
when i told my little girl we were having a baby brother, she got upset because she wanted a baby sister. she kept saying for weeks after i told her that she didn't want the baby if it was a boy. i'm glad she got over that before he was born!
good luck with whatever you decide!

Holly said...

We didn't find out with Andrew, but knew with Noah and of course we know with this baby. Since you have both boy and girl clothes already you could not find out and still feel like you had what you needed. The surprise was fun with Andrew.

flicks said...

We found out with both our boys...the suspense was too much to handle for me! When we end up having another we will most likely find out as well...but if we end up having 4 someday (shesh that's alot of kids) then the last one we will wait to find out...make sense? I've given all of the boys baby clothes away so I'd like to be somewhat prepared before the baby arrives.

Carey said...

I've only got one and I found out! I've never been one to wait on a surprise...I always tried to peek at my christmas gifts :)
I think it would be fun though if you can wait that long!

Anna said...

We found out with both, and plan to find out with this one as well. My feeling is that it is still a surprise when you do find out, and on the birth day, you get to find out what they look like. I love knowing early, and since we always tell names, we can call him/her his name very early.


Becca said...

Jamie- we left our first one a suprise (Caleb). The second one (Abby) we found out but kept it a secret and didn't tell anyone. We were pretty successful with that. It was probably a good idea for me to find out that time because I really wanted another boy and kinda felt like that is what I was having. The 3rd one (William) we found out but really didn't tell anyone either. No one believed us that time that we didn't know what we were having.
The third child is the perfect one for you to have a suprise because you have girl stuff and boy stuff already so its not like you need to buy a lot of stuff.
Congrats by the way...I wish I had more time to read your blogs and look at your stuff. Life is just so busy with 3...
Becca B

sara said...

How did I miss that you are pregnant? Congratulations!!! What exciting news! When are you due? We are expecting our newest babe August 20th and our ultrasound is scheduled for April 6th. I will definitely be finding out the gender, as I am far too impatient to wait the whole 9 months to know. All will be well whatever you decide. Hooray for you and your family!!!

Anonymous said...


Ok this is the exact same discussion I am having in my head every waking minute. We have found out with all 5 so I was thinking that not finding out with number 6 would be a good idea. However, as our ultrasound day gets closer and closer (who am I kidding...it isn't until May 13th!) but anyways, it will be here before I know it....I just don't think I can NOT NOT find out. I am such a planner and I think I just have to know to plan accordingly. I have gotten rid of all of our girl things and only kept Beeefy's clothes. So if it was to be a girl...I think financially it would be better to know before hand so I could shop sales and garage sales. Also I could sell all of beefy's clothes to make money to buy girl stuff. HOWEVER, wouldn't it be so much fun to have the doctor yell out the gender as he/she is just born? I couldn't even imagine the excitement and anticipation. So....I fear we are in the same boat again. Both pregnant...due within weeks of each other....and both don't know if we should find out or not. It really is a shame you had to move to Texas....I could use you living in WI to hang out and chat with :(


Rosie said...

Hi, Gamie! We found out with James (Games?) but tried not to tell people. As for this time around, I would be ok not knowing, but Scott is excited to find out. So we will find out. I think a surprise would be really fun though, if you and Greg (not to be confused w/ Re-Greg) both feel that way!!

katherinemarie said...

SURPRISES are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! Like you said there are so few true and amazing surprises in life... two of my kiddos I knew in advance and two I didn't--- I loved the anticiaption of not knowing and the moment when they said... It's a ____________!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angie said...


We didn't find out with Alyssa and I still to this day remember how exciting it was to hear the doctor say "So Daddy what do you see!" and Mark yelling out "It's a girl!!!" It just seemed to make the day even more exciting if that's possible :)
Plus if you decide not to find out you really only have to struggle through about a minute during the ultrasound where she tells you to turn your head. Actually, the ultrasound lady was the only person who knew. Our doctor didn't want to know either so he wouldn't slip.
Either way though it will be exciting.

:) Angie

Missy said...

I am a planner and there is just no way I could not know the gender because I wanted to have everything ready and I really don't care for "gender neutral" things. So we found out with all 3 kids what the gender was. But we did keep the name a secret from everyone until each baby was actually born.

Mikaela said...

Good question...we found out with both. I would do it the same if we had another (which isn't at all on the radar, yes we know God may have other plans but ours doesn't include that :O)). Our thought is that whenever you find out it's a surprise. There is so much action/emotions to process on d-day that I need to know what I'm working so stinking hard for (especially sans drugs and pushing out over 9 pounder). It always gave me time to process and bond with the new little creation growing inside and it allowed Luke to bond too since he's obviously not experiencing the same mommy stuff I'm going through. Just remember, whatever you decide I'm confident will be the right decision! How fun! We're so excited for y'all!