Thursday, March 18, 2010


Daddy got a new pair of shoes.I hate shoe shopping.
I know, shocking.
Yes, I am female.
But I really don't enjoy shopping for dress shoes.
Give me a cute flip flop any day and I'll be happy!

Okay, I don't mind looking,
ooohing and aaahing over "cute" shoes,
that's fine and good.
But when it comes time for me to buy a
nice, respectable, comfortable,
pair of "church" shoes
I hate it.

I wish I could design my own.
They would be
and just a LITTLE bit sexy!

Greg bought a pair a shoes on Monday
with some bday money from my sis
(thanks Tracey!!!)
and the store he got them at has
buy one get one half off,
could I find a pair of shoes to pay half price for

Could I find like 10 for the kids?
Could Greg have bought a few more?

Why can't I find shoes that are not
SUPER trendy,
super tall,
super skinny heal,
peep toe (not a big fan),
metalic, or other crazy colors?
just tell me why?

It drives me nuts every time I put on my
currently worn out,
missing parts of the heal
out dated brown dress shoes.
Because I know I cannot for the life of me,
find something similar that won't break the bank.

My black dress shoes are just about done too.
And my cute sexy black dress shoes from
7 years ago are shot because the heal is
coming loose and makes a squeeking noise
with EVERY step.

I'm doomed to wear ugly
grandma shoes (no offense grandmas)
for the rest of my life
just because I don't want ruffles,
stilettos and all the other crazy things they put on shoes these days.

So, am I crazy?
Out of touch with reality?
Out of the fashion world?
Yes, yes, and yes
oh and this also tells me,
that I'm getting old!

Thanks for bearing through my rant.
I really need new shoes.
Would someone just go buy some for me
and send me the bill?
Nothing too crazy!


TOSHeidi said...

I could have written this post! It sounds just like me! I recommend Crocs. My husband says that they're as ugly as sin (and he's right) but they are oh, so comfy!

Nicole said...

Following you from the Friday Follow!!


Rockin Momma said...

Happy Friday Follow, love meeting new blogging friends! I'm a new follower.

Holly said...

Jamie the last time I even bought tennis shoes I had to try on like 10 pairs before I found a pair that actually fit and felt good. I haven't bought new dress shoes since Andrew was born, so some of my shoes are getting VERY worn too!!

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

Hi!! I'm stopping by from Follow me Friday!

CC said...

I'm stopping by via Friday Follow. I've enjoyed reading through your blog..and have become a follower. I hope you follow as well..and p.s. I hope you find just the perfect cute shoes.

LLL with Leslie said...

I found you through the follow me friday. I am now following you.

Have a great day!


Sarah @ 365 Glimpses of John Parker said...

Following from Friday Follow! Can't wait to find out about your cupcakes @ the Trendy Treehouse!

katherinemarie said...

I'm with you GIRL! With you 100%!!! I want to LOOK good and BE COMFORTABLE and it really does seem like THAT is an impossible "feet"!!!! I don't get gals that have millions of sexy-fancy-cute uncomfortable shoes and then buy MORE? I'd give my pinky for ONE pair. IF you find some cute comfy ones let me know. :):)