Thursday, March 25, 2010

reunited and it feels so good

I'm slowly breaking free from the first-trimester BLAHS!
I am slowly starting to take more photos...and enjoy it.
I am slowly busting out the paints, the felt, the fabric

We had a bday party to attend and I had
no idea what to get for the little 6 year old lady.
So, I decided that everyone likes seeing their name,
so why not paint her a name canvas thingy!

So I did.
I also got a custom painting order
from my sweet cousin so I've been working
on that too, and hope to share it soon!

It feels good to see the paint on canvas
cut the fabric and create things again.
I am taking things slow and trying to not get too
but enjoying my moments of craftiness!

Naomi has discovered her love for watercolors!!!Bet you can't guess who this was for?


katherinemarie said...

HIP HIP HOORAY! 2nd trimester BLISS! I knew you'd be back to your old ever-creative self... :):) Hope your energy is boundless until the day number three arrives. :):):) I can't wait to see what kind of creative wonderfulness you come up with in the next months.

Anonymous said...

Again, thank you Jamie. Olivia loves her name painting and it looks perfect in her room.