Thursday, March 25, 2010

one of those days

Ever have one of those days?
I did today.
Just BLAH!
I did the laundry, dishes, etc,
vacuumed and even cleaned my windows...
but all that "spring cleaning"
did nothing to help my BLAH mood.

I even got to sew a little today
Still BLAH!
What is up?

(Guess my post this morning was short lived.
Actually the painting that I did do was a week ago.
Just finally got around to posting it.)

Neither of my little ones took a nap.
Busy hubby.
Just exhausted.
Long day.
The small ones went to bed early.
Hubby still at work.
So, I decided to look for some craft projects for Easter.
Got to YouTube to watch some tutorial videos.

Then I remembered my favorite YouTube place.
Pomplamouse Music.
You have to check it out.
So fun. Creative.
Great music.
Even better videos.
Just makes me smile.
Starting to make the blahs disappear!

So, the first time I heard the song
"single ladies" by beyonce
it was this version and I have since
heard the original...
but like this one MUCH better!

Jules, every time I watch these I think of you.
Not exactly sure why,
but maybe that's why I'm smilin'!

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