Friday, March 19, 2010

mission trip

When Greg and I were in college we attended the
Juarez Mission trip that our school sponsored.
We always built houses with Casas por Cristo
and did some Bible school stuff with the kids that were around.
I went twice without Greg,
he went once without me,
and we went once together.

That trip holds many many GREAT memories for us.
Last year that Juarez trip turned into a trip to Acuna, Mexico
because of the violence in Juarez.
We are grateful that the trip changed because now
the crew drives THROUGH San Antonio on their way there.
And then on the way home they stop in San Antonio
and 64 college students and 9 leaders sleep on our gym floor.

We love getting to see our old professors
(not that they are old, just that they aren't our profs anymore).
and it's just really nice to catch up and see familiar faces.
Well, last night was the night they came through SA
and stayed in our gym again.

We had a great time catching up over dinner at the
Bun and Barrel
and the kids had a GREAT time playing with the college students.
Next year we'll get to see them on St. Patty's Day!
Should be a great time!!!


veterankindergartenteacher said...

That is wonderful Jamie! I gave you a blogtastic award today on my blog sweet lady! Have a blessed week-end!

Adrienne said...

You have a lovely family I am here from Trendy Treehouse happy FF

katherinemarie said...

I've never been on a mission trip... I imagine it was a life-changing experience!!! Great that you got to re-connect...

My name means Wisdom said...

I think its great that you guys have stayed involved. I did a couple mission trips when I was in school and would love to find somewhere to do it again.