Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This little peanut sure has caused me more trials than the other two.
Maybe it's the other two that are drawing attention to this one.
Tired doesn't even begin to describe how I feel most days.
Exhausted comes a little bit closer.

I'm actually having some cravings,
which I never really did with the other two.
I just want to eat noodles or sandwiches all the time.
Put some meat, cheese, banana peppers or sauerkraut
on some totally delicious bread and I'll be set.
Bring on the ice cream and pickles too,
just at the same time (it's not THAT bad).
All this talk is making me hungry!

My sense of smell is totally elevated.
Never really experienced that too bad with the other two.
I feel like I need to take out the garbage every day,
(I can smell it from the other room)
then I discovered it's actually the vanilla scented
garbage bags that I accidentally bought.
I was sitting at the computer the other night
when I started smelling lilies...
thought I was going crazy till I realized about
an hour later that Greg had brought home the
altar flowers from church that we bought
and placed on the altar for Micah's birthday.

This baby is showing itself long before the other two did.
But I guess that's just because my body knows what its doing now.
This baby is giving me acne like a teenager going through puberty.
I have been blessed with good skin and when I get a zit
it's usually just that A zit.
Right at this moment I have seven!
SEVEN! at the same time! UGH!

My head feels stuffy all the time
and the headaches don't seem to go away.
But I'm NOT complaining!!
Just trying to document how this pregnancy
has been different from the other two.

It's also been similar to the others in that
I have truly been spared the
morning sickness once again.
I was sick (vomiting) only once.
Have felt queasy and a little upset stomach
more often but I know I am blessed!

So, there's my hormone story for you.
Oh and I have cried more during this
pregnancy than well....
probably the last three years put together.
dang hormones! gotta love em!

oh and I got to hear that glorious heartbeat on Tuesday!


Acting Balanced Mom said...

I totally feel ya - I'm due November 8th and the smells are driving me insane... Everything I've been craving is either sour or salty... and I'm so tired with this round... hopefully your second trimester is easier and some of the symptoms fade soon!

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Ok, so how do you explain this then? I have insane acne going on (like horrible flashbacks from puberty), I seriously have been craving salty and then sweet stuff lately and I'm an emotional wreck a lot of the time.'s the weird part...I'm not pregnant! LOL

Sounds like the good old hormones are getting to you, but it sounds like you're taking it all in stride too, so that's great.

Enjoy your pregnancy because ,as you know, it goes by so fast!

sara said...

I am having acne issues with this pregnancy too. Thank goodness for Bobbi Brown concealer! When I don't have any make-up on, Addie just points to my face and says, "Owie, Mommy." Thanks, love!

Hang in there, your second trimester is just around the corner!!!

Carey said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! Isn't it amazing how something so tiny and really throw your body for a loop! At least the smells aren't making u sick and are just annoying. I threw up for 5 solid months with my first. Not fun at all!

katherinemarie said...

When do we get to see BELLY pics???? :):) Aren't hormones fun? It's all so worth it... can't wait to "meet" number three. I was trying to think of a fun April fools day joke you could play today!! Maybe if you haven't done one yet you could stuff some extra padding in your "belly" and tell Greg... GEE honey this baby sure is getting BIG!!!!!! :) hehehehhehe...