Thursday, April 01, 2010

fall in texas

So in case you didn't know...
I don't get up at 6am everyday
to write my blog posts...
that's just crazy.

When my blog gets its update
I'm happily snoozing away.
So, if my blog does not get posted
sometime after 6am on any given day
(not including the weekends)
then that is because I didn't write
something the night before!

I really should not be writing this post.
I should be mopping my floor,
or painting (three different ones I'm working on)
or I should be sewing (felt food and otherwise)
or I should be in bed,
or I should be cleaning my house for my moms visit...

But instead I decided to share with you
some photos of my kids playing in the leaves.
No these are not photos from November.
I took them last week.

The kids had a BLAST jumping in the leaves.
They'd jump for a bit then I'd rake them into a pile again
jump again, pile again and on and on.
It was so fun to look at the photos,
seeing things I missed with my bare eyes,
like how they both closed their eyes
when they were about to land.

Micah still can't jump but he thinks he can.
It's so cute to watch.
They had so much fun playing together
in the leaves.That girl got some air!
Tight squeeze!
And after they were done they put their feet up,
took a load off and enjoyed just sitting around!
I love you too Naomi!Well, I'm off to bed...
weird right...
it's only 6:13am....


Holly said...

I was wondering about those early morning posts because I know you aren't a morning person. I just knew that when I get to work and check a few things before I start my work day I usually can find a new post on your blog. Now I know your little secret, along with everyone else reading your post! :)

katherinemarie said...

soooo sweet!!! I love that photo of them laying in the leaves. I only wish I was sleeping everyday at 6:00AM--- you are one lucky mama!!!!!

Absolutely Positive said...

Hi! Following you on McLinky. Love all your awesome photos of your family. Wonderful blog...I will be back! Happy Easter Weekend. Hey, I am a Texas gal too!