Saturday, March 27, 2010


The bluebonnets are here.
When we moved to Texas
one thing I knew I wanted to do
was get a photo of the kids in a
field of bluebonnets.
But the weather has not cooperated.

Until this year.

We finally got enough rain and
the bluebonnets finally decided
to show their faces.
I was beginning to think it was myth...
(well not really).

A member from church told us that
they had lots of blue bonnets in their
back circle drive area...
so the kids and I headed out to get
the coveted "kids in a field of bluebonnets" photo.

For now, here's just two of the photos that I got.
The ones with the kiddos didn't turn out sogreat.
I guess I'm better at photographing other people's kids!
But I'll share those later after I get them edited.
For now, a sneak peak of bluebonnets!


jimandafleming said...

I miss the bluebonnets! So pretty, Jamie!

Lanie said...

Thanks for posting this! They are beautiful. We will have to make our annual trek soon! :)

Naomi said...

Oh, I love the bluebonnets. We are going in a few weeks for family pictures in Brenham. Can't wait!