Saturday, March 20, 2010

700 babies go to the zoo

We met up with our friends the 500 babies at the zoo yesterday...
the zoo was quite literally a ZOO.
I had fun Billy and Anna,
but remind me to NEVER go to the zoo during Spring Break again.
All I can say is THANK goodness we have a membership
or I'd probably still be waiting in line just to get in!

The kids had a good time,
we did survive the crowds.
Many many observations were made.
Like how half the people were very nice and helpful
while the other half of people were downright RUDE!
Parking was a nightmare, not for me particularly
but it was crazy how people were parking
and thinking it was okay to park where they did.
When we left I actually saw a tow truck
rearranging cars in the parking lot!
How funny!
People literally parked 6-7 blocks away
and paid money to park!
Again, remind me to not go to the zoo during Spring Break!

But if you take 700 babies to the zoo
please make them sit and try and get one good photo!And try again.One more time for good measure!
Close enough!
We had a blast!
But can't wait to go back when
San Antonio goes back to school!


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katherinemarie said...

wow... that's a LOT OF KIDS. We went to the Chicago zoo before spring brake and thankfully it was EMPTY-- I so don't do well with massive crowds-- sounds like you handled it with grace and style!! AT least half the people were kind. :):)

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What adorable pictures! I just love little kids. I am glad you all had fun Jaime!


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