Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a trip down memory lane

Micah went to the doctor this morning.
Since he's not old enough to drive I took him there.
Since sister's not old enough to stay home alone she came along.

He's got croup! Awesome!
He got a prescription for some steroids.
Watch out, in the next few days,
I may have some photos of a burly little man (doubt it).

So, we ran some errands...
to the post office,
(grandparents your valentine's are FINALLY in the mail.)
to the bank,
to walmart to get the roids,
and to McDonald's to spoil the children who behaved "pretty" well.

While at Walmart we had 45 minutes to kill...
so we browsed the toy section.
It was a trip down memory lane.
Naomi wanted to see the Barbies,
Micah wanted to take a nap.
As we were perusing I saw something I haven't seen in YEARS.
I knew exactly what it was before I even read the package.

from 1985.
Just like I remember her.
Oh how I miss her.
She's so beautiful and smelled delightful.
She's no longer mine.
If you don't remember my story you can read it here.

It was a trip down memory lane that's for sure.
I wish I could play along with Naomi with one of my old Barbies,
but alas I cannot.

We are not allowed to go to church tonight.
(I think this might be the first time
ever that I miss Ash Wednesday services.)
Per doctor's orders.
She said Micah is contagious.
Good news for me (not)...I'm stuck in the house with him.
So is Naomi!

So I have to admit...
when Greg doesn't come home for dinner
I usually sluff off.
or something else easy.
Tonight to go along with my trip down memory lane
I heated up some spaghetti O's with meatballs.
healthy and nutritious right?! Ha!
Naomi didn't like them.
Whose kid is she anyway?
I could live on those and peanut butter
(and chocolate but that's a given).

That's my trip down memory lane.
sorta bitter sweet.


Dana said...

Hopefully Naomi will love Barbies. Emily had some (they are in the attic now) but never played with them much. She was more into Polly Pockets and My Little Ponies. Hers (and the ones I had left) are now packed up for the next generation (a lOOOONNNNGGG time from now). If Naomi comes over sometime, we will have to get them out so she can play with Aunt Dana's & Emily's Barbies since she can't play with mommy's.

Dana said...

On another note - I wish someone would tell me I am contagious with my cough. I need another day, although I had a surprise day with a snow day yesterday. I made it through the day and now am heading to bed.

Mikaela said...

So I just have to ask...if you couldn't go to church what were you doing going to McDonalds :O)?

I'm with you on the sluffing off while the men aren't home. I'm always up for not cooking! Hope Micah is on the mend!

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness!!! I still have my Peaches and Cream barbie in a box with some others for when my girls are a little older!!!

Jamie said...

Mikaela, we just went through the drive-thru. After that no going out of the house to spread the love...I mean germs!

Jenn, I'm super jealous!

Jamie said...

Dana, Naomi already LOVES barbies and plays with them almost everyday. Each day involves a bath and a drive in the car which is usually a princess shoe or a plastic shoe box!

Naomi said...

oh man, I loved me some Barbies when I was a little girl. I used to go to my friends house with mine cause she had all the good stuff, like the house, and cars and Ken! And I loved that Peaches and Cream barbie with all her peach ruffles. :)