Monday, February 08, 2010

super bowl party

So, there was this thing called the Super Bowl on tv last night.
Did you watch it?
I think I caught part of the game.
The part where the Saints won was pretty cool.

Yes, my in-laws are Colts fans,
and I have nothing against the Colts
but it was cool to see the Saints win.

The party was fun and we were so glad that our friends joined us...
Ben and Elisa even drove 3 hours for the party...
talk about good friends!
(they were able to stay in town for the night so they wouldn't
have to leave early or drive back real late)

We had a good time with lots of little details.
I didn't get to everything that I wanted to do for the party,
but it was still a huge success!

From the "touchdown" bannerTo the felt napkin rings
To the bobble head dolls.
I made one for each member of our family
and then two for the other kids that came.
It was boys against girls!I'm pretty sure the girls won!
We're cuter afterall!
Greg got to bust out the "beer fridge"
complete with a place for caps, koozies and bottle openers.
I made these cute little beer bottle markers,
but Greg told me no one would use them because,
"we're guys"
can't blame me for trying!I also made these Oreo Truffles from Bakerella!
yeah, mine turned out NOTHING like hers but I'm an amature!
I've got a party tip for you!
If you don't want to spend a lot of money on drinks,
just go with ONE "specialty" drink!
I just did Hawaiian punch with Sprite...
and of course there was plenty of beer.
No more trying to figure out if you've bought enough cans of soda.I got plates in blue for the Colts and black for the Saints.
I've been throwing Super Bowl parties since
my days as a Youth Director in St. Louis.
And we've always done the Super Bowl quiz
from Jonathon's Source 4YM.

And there are always prizes,
for first, second and last place!
Last night was no different.
Duane got first place, with Mark falling in second
and Crystal brought up the rear with last place!

But it's always fun to just guess!The food was amazing!
I made crispy open-faced quesadillas
(the sour cream and lime drizzle is AMAZING)
this amazing black bean hummus
I also made Loaded Baked Potato Soup
(to which Greg said, any soup that includes bacon fat has to be good)
and the famous Taco Soup.
We also had some delicious Pizza Dip,
chocolate fon-du!!! Amazing!
Some yummy cookies and bars
chicken wings and Connie even made her famous buckeyes!!!

The kids had a BLAST playing with the balloons!
They thought it was SO MUCH FUN to keep the balloon
from touching the ground and played for quite a while.

Both kids went to bed really well,
Micah had a short nap and Naomi no nap
so I wasn't surprised at how well they went down a little after bedtime!
Oh and everyone obliged and put on one of my silly
headbands!!! I know I'm a little crazy...
and I'm okay with that!
(I cannot for the life of me remember what
website I got this idea from so I apologize for that).
All in all it was a great party, full of TONS of great food.
Fun times and memories!


Hattie said...

What a great Super Bowl party!!!! The decorations were cute, the food looked yummy and the games sounded fun!

Holly said...

We had Mom and Dad over to watch the game. Andrew was so excited for the game and Noah was making all of us laugh by playing football by himself. He'd bend over and say "hut hut hike!" Only instead of hiking the ball to anyone he'd take off running. So funny. Of course we are disappointed that the Colts lost, but we really aren't true Colts fans. Go Packers!!

Kathleen said...

Hope you had fun at your party, it looks adorable. Next time call me to come, too! :)

Dave Moody said...

What and I wasn't invited??? Looks awesome. Following you from Marketing Monday Blog Hop.

Dana said...

What a great time you had. We went to a fun party also - but your ideas are awesome! Michael liked the 1st half of the game,and then was disappointed. He actually watched 3/4 of the game - despite the fact that there was a wii in the basement, and lots of kids. Too bad for the Colts.

katherinemarie said...

Your PARTY details were SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!! I was only a couple hours away-- wish I could have seen your PARTY WONDER in real life!