Wednesday, February 10, 2010

rough day

Naomi and I had a rough day yesterday.
One of our worst days to be exact.
I hope we don't have to do that again...

She's not listening,
or taking me seriously.
I'm following through...
I think.

Lots of tears were shed.
More on her end than mine.
It was tough.
She was in bed by 6:45 last night if that tells you anything.

So, Micah and I had a fun evening of playing all by ourselves
(Greg had meetings).
We had a great time.
He loves to be naked so I let him be.
He had so much fun trying to sit on the balloon....
and running from couch to couch bouncing off his stomach.
Lots of laughter.
Just what I needed after the day I had!
I hate that I had to use my flash but
I wanted to get some shots of him laughing.
After I took this photo he was reaching in front
of his face trying to catch the little stars!
So funny.So, I'm not one to say, hey, I need some help.
But seriously.
Hey, I need some help.

I hate taking parenting advice just as much as the next person
(cuz we're all doing it right, right?)
But could seriously use some advice on
what worked with your kids to get them to listen and mind you.
Time-outs and spankings don't seem to really bother Naomi.
We also take toys away but she always find something else to play with.
Any ideas?

Gonna go read
"the strong willed child"


Lanie said...

Jamie, I hate days like those with my girls. I so want to give in rather than do the early bedtime where they cry themselves to sleep. I bet she woke up like an angel this morning though right? I have found the nose against the wall till the timer goes off after a warning seams to help. No child finds it fun to atare at a wall for 4 minutes.

Glad you got to spend one on one time with your little one though. Have a blessed day!


Amy said...

Hang in there. With Sophia---it is SO SO hard, but I have to take all emotion out of things. On my end, it seems almost impossible. But, I've taken her places with almost no clothes because she refused to get dressed, taken her out of mulitple stores because of behavior, left a birthday party because of a tantrum (but did eventually come back), thrown food away...etc. And, if you're consistant and matter of fact about things long works.'s taken awhile, but now that she's 100% done with naps, in a lot of ways it's helped things. We no longer have the afternoon fight. I've accepted the fact that I get little to no break during the day...and I get excited every night that they're consistantly in bed by 7:30 or 7:45.

I feel your pain!!!

Anna said...

I wish I had some good advice but sometimes I think it comes down to personality. Joe is just naturally a pretty compliant guy. Not that he doesn't still throw fits from time to time, but overall he does what we tell him to. That's just how he is.

Mikea on the other hand is a completely different story. (And Dan is somewhere in-between.) She can be outright defiant and thoroughly ENJOYS it, that's what's scary. When she throws fits she completely loses her mind (crying, screaming, flailing, foaming at the mouth) and I have to just carry her upstairs and put her in her room. She comes out a few times and I put her back. Eventually she calms down and we deal with the issue.

Just remember that Naomi's strong will can be a positive thing - she just needs to learn how to use her powers for good, not evil! It will come with time. Hang in there!

Kari said...

I was a strong-willed child...ask my mother. Incentives worked...not bribery, but something that I could take pride in. Earning a star for good behavior...with maybe some prize at the end. I'm not an expert at all...I also didn't like disappointing my parents...I liked making my mom and dad happy. So maybe asking Naomi if she likes to make you happy, etc. Something like that.

Many prayers and blessings! Hang in there!

katherinemarie said...

Sorry you had such a difficult day!

Have you read JIM FAY'S--LOVE and LOGIC series? It's the only resource that I trust with all my heart and soul.

Hope tomorrow is better!!!!!

Mikaela said...

Sorry you had a rough day chica. They make the good days look/feel really good,right :O) It brings perspective you could say. I could give you what works for us but really discipline needs to be so specific to each individual child. What I do know that works is the power of the Holy Spirit at work in your life. So pray, pray, pray girl. We need to be on our knees for our kids daily. Sometimes hourly or every minute, depending on the day :O) Hang in there. You are a great mommy. I'm confident God is using you in a mighty way in your kids lives.