Tuesday, February 16, 2010

not much

not much time to write what I want to write.
We drove to Dallas on Thursday in one of the
worst snow storms to ever hit Dallas.
Greg had a conference to go to
so the kids and I tagged along and spent
some time with our friends.

The kids enjoyed playing in the snow,
playing with their friends and
going on a little vacation.

Lots of photos and stories to come.
But for now I must find my washing machine and get to work!

Oh and if you live in the San Antonio area
you have to go check out this website.
Little Daily Planner!
Amazing! Full of ideas and places to take the kiddos!

The kids and I went to
Just Add Children
last week and they loved it!
Check it out!

I'll be back later (or tomorrow)
with photos from our trip!

1 comment:

katherinemarie said...

Just add children... what fun! If I still lived in Georgetown you know I'd drive to meet up there!

I can't believe you have SNOW!!!!!!