Tuesday, February 02, 2010

if you can't find micah...

...check Naomi's closet.
He's been known to go in there and lay down.
Doesn't even care that it's dark.
in fact, that's probably why he likes it.
Dark and QUIET!
Kids are funny.
Maybe I should go lay down in there...Speaking of funny kids...
Naomi has been saying the funniest things lately.

She hardly ever wants to share her toys or colors with Micah.
She often times asks me to hold things "so he doesn't get them".
The other day he was bothering her (according to her)
so she said, "Mommy, can you buckle him in his chair?"

ha! no! he's free to roam and do what he wants (within reason).

On the way to church on Sunday she asked me if
she would be able to take her dolls to heaven.
I told her that we don't take things to heaven because Jesus has
everything prepared and ready for us already.
So she said, "are there toys and food there?"
I told her that if we needed food it would be there.
She was quiet for a minute then said,
"Maybe Jesus will have a wand and turn me into Cinderella"
oh the things little girls dream of...

she's so funny!
I'm sure I'm forgetting many of the funny stories that she
provides us with on a daily basis but there you go ... for now!

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