Friday, February 05, 2010

happy 1st birthday

My only goddaughter turns one tomorrow!
Happy Birthday Faith!
We've got four godsons and were so excited to be asked to be godparents
for this sweet little lady...although we've never "officially" met yet.I wanted to make some fun shirts for Faith to wear on her birthday.
But who am I kidding I don't ever get things done on time.
And while these shirts were done on time,
they weren't shipped on time.
I have a love/hate relationship with the USPS.

Anyway, I'm hoping they will make it to Faith before she turns two.
And if they don't she can admire them on the screen.
I asked Tami for measurements for the skirt and I kinda think
one of us did something wrong.
Tami, you might have to let Grace wear the skirt till Faith can grow into it!
I hope it fits one of them at least!I was going to do a "1" on the shirt for her 1st birthday
(like I did with naomi's 3)
But I figured she wouldn't be able to wear it as much then.
So I was talking to my brilliant hubby about what I was thinking
a giant "F" for Faith,
or a cupcake...or...or..
and this is where his brilliance comes in handy.
He said, "how about a crown, she is a king afterall!"
It made perfect sense and there's the crown in all it's glory.
I also wanted to make something for valentine's day
altough it's cute enough to wear anytime,
yes, I know it's crooked,
I have a love/hate relationship with sewing on t-shirts!


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