Wednesday, February 10, 2010

fun with friends

Last week we went to visit the 500 babies.
The 500 babies (and their parents) recently moved into a new home.
One with room for all 500 babies!
What a GORGEOUS home!
Filled with love, laughter,
craziness (what do you expect when there are 500 babies)
and of course crafts!

Naomi and Micah had a great time running around
acting crazy and playing with other peoples toys!

They played with dolls, trains, cars,
read books and we even tried to squeeze in a craft
when they resorted to jumping on the bed!
Is she singing, talking or getting ready to eat?
Your guess is as good as mine!Daniel did a good job of actually doing the craft,
till (like the other kids) he got bored!
Micah however, got bored before everyone else!We finished the craft at home since the time
we got to it at Anna's house it was lunch time
and kids were melting down left and right.
Naomi was left and Micah was right.
These cute little valentine window arty things came from No Time for Flash Cards!

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Anna said...

We had a great time, thanks for coming over! You are welcome back any time!