Wednesday, February 24, 2010


When my sister was here last month,
she brought Naomi an awesome gift.
She had made paper dolls with her cricut
and laminated them all and put velcro on them
so their dress-up clothes would stick.

Tracey and Naomi had so much fun dressing up the dolls,
pretending to get married,
go trick-or-treating
and Mary even had baby Jesus right here in my living room.

Naomi loves to play with these paper dolls,
and she can spend lots of time playing with them,
as long as Micah's not around to bother her
(that seems to be the theme lately!)There are so many options that Tracey made,
so I'm not going to bore you with photos of all of them,
but trust me, they are super cute.
From bambam and pebbles,
to 5 halloween costumes,
ballerinas, prince, princess and knight...
but I think Naomi's favorite ones are the
bride and groom!Love the Mary and Joseph one...
there is a little Baby Jesus one,
he's just not in the photo.
My other favorite ones are the
super heros!
They even have super hero hair!
Or rock star hair, whichever you prefer!
There are TONS of hairstyles
and quite a few pairs of shoes as well.

Naomi and I watched the infomercial the other day for the cricut.
She was SOOO excited and wanted to do projects right away.
She kept talking about cutting things out and making cool projects.
I tried to tell her that we don't have a cricut,
but if the company wanted to send me one
I would gladly write a glowing review on my blog! ha!

I guess we'll just have to cut things out the
"old fashioned" way
with our scissors. Bummer.
Gotta come up with a project for the girl,
she's dying to make something.

My creative mojo seems to be down the drain right now.
Got any fun ideas for a 3 year old girl who
to make projects?

That don't involve a lot of supplies, time or energy? Ha!
Just kidding! I've got supplies...


Anonymous said...

does Tracy sell them? I would totally be interested in a set of dress up dolls for Abbie's birthday coming up....please please please!


Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

I've been thinking about getting the paperdoll cartridge for my cricut.

Those are adorable!

Rachel Hill said...

Dana said...

I guess I will have to get our Emily's barbies and my cricut next time I see Naomi. Next summer for sure I will have to bring it to mom & dad's when you guys are there. Another thing to add to your wish list.

veterankindergartenteacher said...


I have one. Get one of those empty egg crates at the store. Cut off one entire row and let her paint it. Use pipe cleaners for the antennae. Once she is finished, wrap it up in brown paper (an old paper bag would work) so that it has a "cocoon" around it. Read The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and then let her caterpillar "emerge" and paint or color a butterfly to put on the tip of it.