Monday, March 01, 2010

birthday date night

For Greg's birthday I wanted to take him on a little date.
I've been known to throw him surprise parties in the past,
but this year he told me that he just wanted to go to the Brazilian steakhouse.
That was my plan.
But my stomach was not feeling up to all that meat.

So, instead we went to this awesome little bakerycafe in the Forum,
Hearthstone BakeryCafe
If you live in San Antonio and you've never been there,
I HIGHLY recommend this place.
There are soooo many sandwiches to choose from (hot or cold),
delicious soups, salads, potato salad and the normal chips and cookies.

Greg and I got "Reuben the Bold" to share and we each had a bowl of soup.
Wait, Greg got a cup and I got a bowl, I was hungry, just not for tons of meat!
The sandwich was amazing! and the soup (tomato basil) was delicious!

After our nice casual dinner (just our style)
we headed to the theatre.
Greg picked the movie and really he only picked it
because he wanted to see a 3-D movie.
But Avatar ended up being better than we thought it would be.
The plot is not what drew me into the movie.
It was the creativity, the cinematography.

Yes, I would recommend seeing this movie.
Maybe not just for the script and the plot,
but for the entertainment value.

But I don't think I'd take my kids.
For some reason there were a bunch of young kids in the theatre.
Am I the only "totally lame" mom who won't take my kids to the theatre
to see a PG-13 movie that lasts 3 hours on a Saturday night?
And if I am, that's okay!!!

Images taken from here!

All in all it was a very successful relaxed and casual date night!
Right up our alley!

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Anna said...

I've always been curious about that Hearthtone place, glad to hear it was good.

I'll join you in the lame moms club. No way no how would my kids be at that movie!