Monday, January 25, 2010

wonderful weekend

We had an awesome weekend.
Two "date" nights in one weekend!
We had planned our "12 daytz of Christmas" date for Friday.
And then we had a wedding to go to on Saturday.
One of Greg's classmates (a year behind him) got married.
It was the second biggest wedding we've ever been to.

We weren't able to talk to the bride and groom and
I didn't even get a very good photo of Chris and Ashley.
But we got to reconnect with old friends and our PALS mentor and his wife.
We had a great time and felt old because we were home by 8:15pm.
The amazing cake!
Oh and this was the second cake...
Here we are! (oh and this is my new dress)
Mark, Connie, me and Greg.
Our friends Steven, and Natalie who live near Houston.
So I have lots more to say,
but no more time to do so right now.

Oh, but I've been featured over at Somewhat Simple. Check it out here.
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Missy said...

Cute dress! Where did you get it?