Monday, January 04, 2010

wedding photography

I know I still need to post about Christmas and New Years...
but I haven't even gotten around to editing those photos yet.
I've been busy editing photos for my clients...
so hopefully this week I'll get updated.

Just wanted to share another session that I had...
on New Year's Eve.
Blake and Lydia got all dressed up again for their after the wedding session.
I love doing these...
there's MUCH more time...
and MUCH less stress.
A perfect combination for great photos.

Many of these photos are the same ones you'll see on my photography blogsite just with a different effect. I have TONS to edit still and just wanted to share the first few that popped out at me. Check out a bunch more here.

Lydia's mom made her dress, and it's just like the one
Grace Kelly wore when she got married.
So, naturally we had to get a photo that resembled one of Grace's wedding day photos.

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