Sunday, January 17, 2010

we are family

I just love this photo so much.
I thought it would be perfect for this weeks,
"We are family"
challenge over at i heart faces!

These two little ham bones make me smile.
This photo makes me smile.
It helps me remember all the good times
and not think about the times when they're
fighting over toys, markers, dolls, you name it.
But just reminds me of the fun that they do have together
and how much they fill my life with JOY!
I realized after the fact that this photo did not meet the guidelines for the challenge (that's what I get for not reading directions! doh!) I posted a different one on my photography blog. But I wanted to keep this one here because I love it that much!

make sure to click on the camera above to see more awesome families!


Tara said...

Adorable. What a cute picture. I will be posting your review in the next few minutes. Don't forget to check. Have a great night!

Life with Kaishon said...

Your babies are SO sweet. Very darling : ). I think you need to have at least one adult in your picture this week. Maybe you have another image of the kids with their daddy or grandparents you could pop in there real quick? : ) Have a great week!

Jamie said...

Thanks...I realized that I needed an adult a little too I posted another photo on my photography blog. If that means I'm disqualified that's fine but I wanted to share my "correct" photo!

amanda thiessen said...

too cute! but yes! hurry and post another picture with an adult!! :)

Theresa Osenbaugh said...

Still a cute photo-I love your daughter's smile!

Mom of M&Ms said...

I love both of these little grins.. so much fun in there. Great photo