Thursday, January 21, 2010

trendy treehouse team

So, you may have noticed some changes around here.
I went to the three column layout so that you don't have to scroll
in order to see everything.

You may have also noticed a new section in my sidebar
The Trendy Treehouse Team...
Yes, I'm a part of the team.
I've never done anything like this before but I'm very excited to be part of it.
It's so crazy that I've been blogging for over 5 years but
I'm just now beginning to see how blogging can really work
to bring ideas and people together.

I will be posting over at TT a couple of times a week.
Sometimes I may post things that I've already posted here
and hopefully most of the time it will be something new.
There are six other creative women who are part of the team.
I'd encourage you to go check it out!
You can use this link,
the link in the sidebar
or the link in the top nav bar.
The Trendy Treehouse

1 comment:

dealwisemommy said...

Hi! Just wanted to say I am happy to be part of the Trendy Treehouse team with you!