Saturday, January 16, 2010

totally random

This post is going to be TOTALLY random.
But the funny thing is, I did take all these photos on the SAME day!

Naomi is TOTALLY obsessed with princesses and getting married.
Everyday she asks me who each princess is married to.
Then she tells me to ask her when she's going to get married...
she usually replies, "thirty-o-clock"
She LOVES her new snow white doll that our neighbor gave her.
Snow White goes we busted out the halloween costume
and Naomi is as happy as can be!

This is how I did the 12 daytz of Christmas thing for a photo album.

Each date page has an empty one right next to it for a photo from that dayt.
Can't wait for February...we're having a PARTY!!!

This is Micah's painting that I kept for myself instead of sending to his art pen pal. See, it's awesome right? and I had to keep my sons FIRST painting!

This is one of my favorite ornaments.
Some of our best friends from college made it together.
It was Mikaela's idea and I love it.
We all wrote down little notes to each other,
threw them in the glass ornament and
added some ribbons inside as well for color.
We tied a ribbon to the top and called it good.
This would be a fun Christmas party favor to
make with friends or I could also see this idea
being used for birthday parties or other holidays.
Just wanted to share.

See, I told you it was random.
Thanks for sticking around.
Come back Monday for a GIVEAWAY!!!!


katherinemarie said...

oh so lovely... great catch all for all your creative fun!!!! That canvas painting is TERRIFIC!

T. said...

I love the ornament idea, might have to steal that for next year. We have a tradition of a couple ornament and an ornament for our child each year, that would be a great couple/family one for next year. Happy Saturday Sharefest!
Fellow SITSta,

Mikaela said...

Last year I dug out the papers again to see what kind words everyone had to say. Such a sweet memory.

Sue said...

Cool random shots & post. I love your ornament idea.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.

Casey said...

I still have mine and put it up each year and I also, like Mikaela, read my papers each year. It is encouragement that goes straight to my heart! Great memories!