Friday, January 15, 2010

the sweetest thing

My friend Amy called the other day and said
she'd like 3 hours of my time and asked if
Greg could watch the kiddos on Friday.
OOOO a surprise.
I love surprises. (good ones anyway)
She had me at hello.

So she picked me up at 6pm.
We went for dinner at
After two weeks of eating VERY healthy
(more on that later)
it was nice to indulge a little
in a chicken taco salad....
as Rachel Ray would say YUM-O!

About half way through dinner she handed me a
small gift bag with a little note inside.
The note said,

"A little love gift for you from some ladies at church...
An "after Christmas, mid-house repairs,
pre-Valentine, lost a few pounds" shopping outing...
money to just spend on some new clothes for you!!!
Nothing is a better pick-me-up than going shopping...
on someone else's dime!!!

WOW! I was floored. There was a gift card and some cash inside.
I just about started to cry.
This was the nicest thing that anyone has done for me (outside of my family).
So Amy and I did just that...
we went shopping.
I warned Amy that I am a terrible person to go shopping with...
I'm picky and have lots of commentary on clothes and myself.

We started at JCPenny and had a great LAUGH
about some of the clothes out there, lace leggings,
dresses that belong on Tina Turner and Star Trek,
you name was hilarious.

I did manage to find two shirts that didn't make me roll my eyes
and that didn't make me feel totally fat (yes, I said it) and awkward.

Then we headed to Kohl's to see what we could find there.
Amy was very brave and tried on some really fun things...
she found a Vera Wang dress for $13, can't pass that up.
The biggest news of the day is that
Somebody slap me in the face and help me snap out of it.
What am I thinking?
I don't wear dresses.
I haven't worn a dress since well,
about a year ago
but that was to a wedding (and it was Amy's dress).
Oh but did I mention I bought this dress for a wedding!

I got a few other items as well....
spent the whole wad.
LOVED every. second. of. it!

Thank YOU!
THANK you!
Ladies from church
from the bottom of my heart.
one of the NICEST, most thoughtful things
anyone has EVER done for me.
It's awesome to feel loved!

And it was awesome to go shopping
without the kids and to just have some
good old fashioned girl time at the mall.

Maybe I'll let you see some of the photos that
I may or may not take of me in my new clothes!

Sorry no photos this time...
come back tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Count your blessings....I would have balled if someone would have done something like that for me. You deserver it! I am thinking about moving down by you so I can be friends with all of these nice women......!