Friday, January 22, 2010

spark people (please help out)

Let me tell you about an awesome
weight loss/lifestyle change website that I have found.
It's called Spark People.
I apologize for taking this long to tell you.
Spark People is a FREE website with all the things you need
to start living the healthy lifestyle you've always wanted.
There are: meal planners and trackers
(even grocery lists)
fitness trackers,
free work out videos,
lots of teams to join,
online forums and communities
and even little blogs.
Did I mention that it's FREE!?

Greg and I started using Spark People shortly after the new year.
I use it to track my food eaten and work outs done.
Greg uses it mostly for the meal plan (he's too busy to do anything else).
But let me tell you, having this website and the meal plans
and the accountability has already helped us...
We've both lost weight already...and I'm not talking one pound.
Try 5 for me and 6 for Greg.
Can I get a WOOT! WOOT!?

The meal plans are sensible and not crazy!
For me the biggest problem was not eating enough calories
and the ones I was eating were terrible for me.
We're learning how to eat better and realize
that we're not going to starve!
Plus, we've been able to get all the groceries for like $75 a week!

In an effort to help SparkPeople live out their mission
of helping millions of people reach their goals
and live healthier lives, I have joined a contest they're holding
called "The Spark Free Chapter Challenge."
If you have one minute to spare, I could use your help,
because I REALLY want to win!

So here's the deal with the challenge…

Chris Downie, SparkPeople's CEO and founder,
recently published a book called "The Spark"
that offers a proven new approach to improving your health,
transforming your life and reaching your goals
(for example, real people have lost over
10 million pounds using their free online program)!

People like me who are helping them
"Spread The Spark"
through The Spark Free Chapter Challenge
are encouraging our friends and family to
download a FREE chapter of "The Spark" book.
And for every person I can encourage to download the chapter,
I will get an additional chance to win a $500 weekend getaway
(we all know I could use that)
and other prizes, as well as something they offer
called "SparkPoints," which also help motivate me to reach my goals.

All you have to do to help is download a free chapter from The Spark book.
Nothing else.
To do so, simply go here and click the button to download your free chapter.

If you would be willing to help me with this,
I would truly appreciate it,
and I also think you will enjoy reading this free chapter
from "The Spark". I know I did!

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.

Oh and no I will not be posting any
"before" photos...until maybe I look smokin' hot and don't care anymore. Ha!

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