Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a public apology

I realize the post below sounded really whinny and I'm sorry.
Not really my intention.
Just trying to figure this all out.
I think a professional organizer would help.
I need to get my life and my files organized!

I realize that everyone selling things on ETSY is taking a chance.
I'm not trying to get sympathy votes.
Just hoping that people like what I do.
It's like going on your first date, or speaking in public,
it's hard to know if people like what they see if you don't get feedback.
If the date doesn't call back or if the audience doesn't applaud,
you're left standing there feeling REALLY dumb.
And I guess that's just how I was feeling when I wrote that....

Please forgive me for fishing for compliments.
Thanks for the encouragement.
Thanks for entering the giveaway.
And thanks for letting me be me.

I will do better at complimenting things I love.
And commenting more because I know how it feels
to be left in a crowded room hearing crickets chirp.

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