Tuesday, January 05, 2010

personalized pillowcases

Kids love to see their names on things.
I can't wait till Naomi can REALLY recognize her name...
she sorta does now, but not completely.

These personalized pillows are one of my favorite things for kids.
Both my kids have one and I've given them as gifts to my niece, nephews and godchildren.
My friend Tami happens to have two of them...
since two of her children are also my godchildren.
But she told me that Jeremiah's was pretty worn because the kiddo loves it to pieces...

So, she asked me to make pillowcases for all the kids...
they were asking for their own with their names on them.
I was happy to do so...here they are in no particular order.
Do you know someone who would love their very own personalized travel pillow? Let me know and I could make you one!

1 comment:

Holly said...

I know my boys LOVE their name pillows!! Maybe the new baby could use one eventually too. :)