Tuesday, January 12, 2010

our growing family

And by growing I mean height wise...
not number wise.

I got this awesome growth chart for Christmas
from my sweet friend, Amy.
I'm a little afraid though,
I think she may have bugged my house.
I told Greg about two months before Christmas that I wanted one of these.
I even emailed him some photos of others I'd seen.
Then here comes Amy with just what I wanted.

Thanks Amy, I love it.
It'll be nice to not have to write it on the doorway anymore.
This way if we ever have to move I won't have to cut
those special markings out of the wall!

Naomi wanted to show you how to use the growth chart!


Elisa said...

That's cool. I remember Mom writing our heights on the door frame...now I wonder how the next resident feels about that!

Does Naomi have a tutu to dance around in? That would be fun to make. :)

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

That does look like my vinyl- though people copy ideas with vinyl all the time so who knows! I will have to look and see if I had a customer named Amy in December...
I am glad you like it!