Saturday, January 16, 2010

newborn photography - grant

I love babies.
But really,
who doesn't?

I'm not so sure I LOOOOOVE photographing babies.
I do like it A LOT....
just not sure if I LOOOOOVE it.

It's not easy.
It takes time.
It takes milk.
It takes patience.
It takes diapers.
It takes patience.
It takes blankets.
It takes patience.
It takes good light.
It takes patience.

But when you are patient the good shots are there.
It's just hard when the subject can't follow directions.

But that said, I had an absolute blast
photographing this sweet little boy today.
I'm convinced that he didn't want to be naked because
he didn't want mom and dad to show those pics
to his prom date in 18 years.
yeah, that's it.

Here's a few of Grant...
go to JT Photography to see some more.

1 comment:

Amy said...

LOVE the one on your photography site of Grant in Steve's arms. Wow!!!