Friday, January 29, 2010

mega swag bucks day

Search & Win
Today is Mega Swag Bucks day!
if you've never heard of swag bucks
then let me tell you a little bit about it.

Swag bucks is a search engine, store, and so much more.
You earn swag bucks for the searching you do
and then you can redeem the swag bucks for gift cards and other prizes.

I've got 44 right now and hope to keep increasing my number
so that I can help pay for Christmas presents this coming Dec.
45 swag bucks gets you a $5 Amazon card just to give you an idea.

But you can help.
If you do a lot of searching (like I do for crafts and game and such)
then swag bucks is for you.
Just click on the picture above and sign up for your own account.
If you use that link so that I am your referal (or just tell them lilpieps sent you)
then I will get swag bucks whenever you search and win.
And you can download a tool bar to help you remember to use swag bucks.
Then you can refer people and win more with their help!
It's a WIN WIN WIN situation!

Go there now, today is a mega swag bucks day
where you can win extra points just for searching for the things you already search for!


mommynoodles said...

Hmmm,never heard of it. I just went there,but did'nt sign up yet. Where do we put lilpieps.or do we make the account first?


Katrina said...

I love me some swagbucks! I'm hoping to save mine for Christmas as well.

Thanks for the follow. :)