Wednesday, January 20, 2010

happy birthday mom

So, today is the day that my mom turns old.
Ha! I've been teasing her with that one lately,
and found out yesterday that my dad has also.

My mom is an amazing woman.
Those of you who know her would probably agree.
She's a woman with a tender servants heart,
miles of patience (I need more of her patience)
and a creative eye. (and many other things of course).
Growing up I don't think I realized how creative my mom is.
But when I'm planning something for the kids to do,
I always call my mom and ask for her help.

Mom teaches 2nd grade and has since I was in 2nd grade.
She taught K and 4th before that.
She's amazing with those kids, and so often I hear
Mrs. P********** was my favorite teacher.
I can totally understand why.

Mom, I wish we could come over and spend the day with you.
I wish we could eat birthday cake with you,
on this day that you turn old
(I'm half your age...for this one time in my life)
and I want to be just like you...
minus all the issues you've already handed down to me :)

We love you so much and wish you God's richest blessings
as you begin another chapter in your incredible life.

Leave my mom and comment and wish her a happy birthday!!

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