Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So I'm begining to think that no one likes my photo prints.
I'm trying to sell some (not so successful)
And I'm trying to give some away...
and I can't even do that.

Seriously, is it just that they're not that cool?
That you wouldn't want them in your home?
Or that you just don't have time to enter?
Just leave one comment...or something.
You don't have to get all fancy and do the other stuff...
I'm just trying my hardest to get my business out there are little more.
Just trying to get a little exposure.
Just trying to make some money so we can get the garage roof repaired.
I'm sick of the buckets on the kitchen floor when it rains...

So, just go here, if I've successfully made you feel sorry for me, (ha)
and enter the giveaway.
someone is going to win...it might as well be you!


Elisa said...

You know, it's easy to fall into the hole of feeling your talent is unappreciated...I totally get it. If I knew the trick to gobs of Etsy success I'd let you know! Still plugging away. ;-)

Kandyce P said...

Jamie- these etsy shops can beat you up and leave you feeling unsure about yourself. They take time and perserverance. I recommend checking out etsy teams, especially Team SASsy, they can help a lot!

Anna said...

Jamie, I love your work! I didn't enter the giveaway b/c I've already won a giveaway on your blog and I don't want to look greedy!! :)