Wednesday, January 06, 2010

gingerbread village

So here's the Christmas story...
not the awesome one that you'd find in the Bible...
but the one that includes our family and the Christmas of 2009.

Greg's parents flew in on Monday the 21st and found their way to our home in their rental car.
We enjoyed an evening of playing games and hanging out.
Tuesday they watched the kids for the better part of the day while I had two photoshoots.
We went and drove around Windcrest to see the light display.
We played games again in the evening...don't remember which ones but it was fun!

Wednesday they watched the kiddos again in the morning for my other photoshoot.
Thanks so much gma and gpa for being willing to watch the kids so I could work.
Greg and I went on a date Wednesday night and grandma and grandpa watched the kids again.
Our dinner was sponsored by June (a gift card to the macaroni grill) and Trudy (money for the movie)...we saw, "The Blind Side" was tremendous! Go see it!!!
We probably played some games when we got home but I've slept since then so I don't really remember.

Thursday was a fun day at home...
we made the gingerbread village and played outside.
We went to church in the evening and enjoyed the great service.
I'm pretty sure we played some more games in the evening...
pretty sure that Greg won most of the games we played (but he was keeping score so what do you expect ;) ).
You'll have to wait till tomorrow for the rest of the Christmas story!

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