Friday, January 08, 2010

felt gift card holders and a painting

I made these felt gift card holders for my niece and nephew.
I don't mind giving gift cards, but it's just not all that personal.
So, I decided to make it personal!
Hope they like them.
I also did this painting for Emily's room.
She told me her room was teal and that she wanted flowers and butterflies.
This painting was based off one of Naomi's shirts.
She told me to use any part of Psalm 23 that I wanted to.
I like how this turned out and hope that Emily likes it too!


katherinemarie said...

oh so delightful! I'm always in AWE of your fabulous and amazing DETAIL!!!! Everything you do is filled with such wonderful little details... really beautiful!

Dana said...

Emily and Michael both loved their gift card holders - and I did too, as now I don't have to be as worried that they will loose their cards, or mix them up. :) Emily has hers in her purse, and said she would use it to hold all the gift cards she gets. Emily also loves her painting. She was very intrigued with the idea that you got it from one of Naomi's shirts. Thanks so much!!!!

AJ said...

wow! that is so cute! You are one crafty mama!