Wednesday, January 13, 2010

family drawing

We have been outside to play just about every day of the new year.
It did dip down into the teens for a couple of mornings...
but the afternoons were pleasant 40's.

One afternoon while we were outside waiting for daddy to get home from work
Naomi found a piece of sidewalk chalk and started drawing.
I was reading a book and not really paying attention.
Then she exclaimed, "look mommy, I drew you."
I looked up and to my surprise her drawing actually resembled a person
and not merely a blob with little blobs inside.
So, I asked her to draw, daddy, Micah and herself and I grabbed my camera.

Here's the creative genius at work. Drawing the eyes...

Micah was intrigued and had to watch...

Here's the final product.
I have no idea why I'm the biggest one...
and that's not hair coming from our heads,
it's our arms of course!

And here's just some cute shots I got of the kids while they were playing.and dancing of course!LOVE this shot! It's not everyday that I'm given the opportunity to photograph both my children smiling for the camera. And it's not everyday that I want them to smile for the camera...but I just LOVE this shot!They sure are cheese balls (must be the 30% of Wisconsin in them!)

1 comment:

Kate said...

Jamie, you are the biggest because you are the most important! Really, it's true!!! It's part of the development of drawing people. A lot of kids will draw themselves as the biggest person when drawing their family because from their perspective, they are the most important and everything 'revolves' around them. So while it's not an exact science, you can go ahead and go with the explanation that she thinks you are the most important(i.e. "biggest") person in the family. Take it as a compliment! :-)