Tuesday, January 05, 2010

daddys princess

Greg took Naomi on a date yesterday.
He took her to see her first ever movie in the theatre.
They went to see Princess and the Frog.
I guess the previews were a little loud and scared the little lady but other
than that she had a great time.
She did tell me though that she likes our TV at home better because you don't have to
sit back as far because its not as big!

I grabbed a few photos of them after their date...

And of course Micah wanted to get in on the action!

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Holly said...

Gene wore his Cardinal shirt like that yesterday too. Funny. Glad Naomi liked the movie. Dad and Mom took the boys a couple months ago and it was Noah's first movie. Dad said Noah just was mesmorized by the whole thing and didn't make a peep.